frombehindthesea said: What kind of ukulele strings would you recommend? I have a Mitchell Concert and have no idea what brand to look at.

Most ukuleles sound great with these strings:

It’s what a lot of ukulele players use.

madibaggins said: What kind of ukulele should a beginner learn on?

Entry-level ukulele brands I recommend include: Makala, Kala, Lanikai, Islander, and aNueNue.”

I have more tips at the bottom of this post: Ukulele Buying Guide: Where to Buy a Ukulele on Oahu | Go Visit Hawaii

I hope that helps!

officialgreylongsleeve said: Hey I'm a beginner ukulele player, do you have any tips or advice to give me please?

Sure thing!

Uke Lesson 79 – Best Day of My Life (American Authors)

(via Elmo Ukulele |

Exclusive Interview: LP Talks New Album 'Forever For Now,' Ukulele and More

p0isonedy0uth said: Hi one of my favorite bands emblem3 has a song called indigo. I'm trying to figure out what size Ike drew chadwick is play any chance you can figure it out by watching the video

I took a look at the video, and it appears to be this ukulele:

Let me know if that helps.

fueledbysegovia said: Hey, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you had any advice on purchasing a starter uke. I wanna learn to play, but not really sure how to pick one out. I've been thinking about the Makala MK-SS shark ukelele. Are those good starters?

That would be a fine ukulele for a beginner. If you out Aquila strings on, it will sing. Enjoy.

om-shanti-prana said: I've been playing a few years and i want to get more serious about it. I'm thinking of upgrading to a tenor for the sound because it would be bigger and more comfortable to play. I've played a cordoba concert so far, what brand do you suggest?

It really depends on your budget. How much do you wish to spend?

warmhugs001 said: Do you consider Kohala a good ukulele brand for beginners?

Absolutely. The key to a good ukulele is how it is set up. I recommend as they do a lot of fine tuning before shipping even the cheapest ukulele.

nocturnalhuman666 said: I have a lot of trouble strumming my ukulele. I know that you use your index finger nail and tip part to strum, but it always hurts and gets caught on the strings. And no, I'm not strumming it too deep. I try and do it as lightly as possible

Don’t use the tip of your nail. Brush the flat part of your nail over the strings and then back up with the flesh of your finger. That should help.

duygu73 said: i'd like to learn to play ukulele, is it so difficult?

No, it’s easy to learn, just difficult to master. :-) 

This might help:



seven-degrees said: Hey I just got a ukulele and I'm a beginner at playing, any tips for a beginner?

Sure thing. I wrote one here:

lunarfossil said: Hi! I apologize if you've already been asked this before, but I just recently got a Cordoba Concert ukulele... it came with a soft case, but I want to get a nice case for traveling as I backpack. I found one that costs upwards of $130 and is specifically made for travel and getting banged around, but that's ridiculous considering I paid $80 for the uke, tuner, and case. Do you have any recommendations? It would *REALLY* help me out! Thanks so much!! I appreciate your time <3 (:

You can get hard cases for a lot less:

This is good enough for most protection uses:

This is a true hardshell:

What I do is use a Dakine Skateboard back pack and just use the skateboard straps to strap a softshell ukulele case to the back.

I hope that helps!