seven-degrees said: Hey I just got a ukulele and I'm a beginner at playing, any tips for a beginner?

Sure thing. I wrote one here:

lunarfossil said: Hi! I apologize if you've already been asked this before, but I just recently got a Cordoba Concert ukulele... it came with a soft case, but I want to get a nice case for traveling as I backpack. I found one that costs upwards of $130 and is specifically made for travel and getting banged around, but that's ridiculous considering I paid $80 for the uke, tuner, and case. Do you have any recommendations? It would *REALLY* help me out! Thanks so much!! I appreciate your time <3 (:

You can get hard cases for a lot less:

This is good enough for most protection uses:

This is a true hardshell:

What I do is use a Dakine Skateboard back pack and just use the skateboard straps to strap a softshell ukulele case to the back.

I hope that helps!

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